Light-refraction (spliting light) - Proto-Nostratic Language

Light-refraction (spliting light)

Some kind of power holds the roots together. Without it, the roots would asunder. The roots are not living creatures, not magnetic iron and neither gluey objects. This cohesive power can only originate from a principle over the roots.

The question is, how can wee make our model finer. To add new parts to it in a way that its parts make a whole like a cake or a beehive. Will this however contain the cohesive power as well?

Yes, it is possible. Let’s simplify our Universe and imagine, light is the only ding, which it contains. It contains all the light of the Universe, but contains nothing else then light.

The World of Light

All lights together, collectively are invisible.

Let’s put a prism into the way of light. The prism “pulls asunder” the invisible light and we can see the elements of invisible light, the colors. The invisible world of light reveals oneself before us: it introduces its own hidden essence.

After these, let’s take out of the series of colors those we call yellow, orange, blue and violet. With this we receive the following figure:

The colors naturally, are not extra; they are all included in the same world of light presented with one circle at the beginning. The four circles excel just by their naming out of the others and this only in our suggestions.

This model, therefore is suitable to become our model for root-system, included its interdependence. The colors are different appearances of the same one and they can’t exist independently from the others. At the same time, all together or just by them self, they are valid at every point of the Universe. The change of every colour at one point does have an influence on the overall picture. Their complex however, remains still invisible – white.


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