Fractal - Proto-Nostratic Language

Nature uses the fractal method for creation

Out of the book “The English Language from Hungarian view” by Csaba Varga:

In order to learn nature’s building methods we take a magnifying glass and look at the structure of a snowflake. This very impressive structure extends from a central point. First a solo crystal will be born. This seed starts further growth by a set way at certain corners of it. This growing or multiplication follows additional geometrical rules. (For example: around a circle only six other circles with the same radius may be placed.) Beautiful structures are built, if the process goes on for a long time.


The mathematical name of this structure is fractal. The basic building or growing method of these fractals is very simple and the newly born crystals will inherit it. Nevertheless, the formation will become a very complicated structure in all dimensions.

In this case a fractal is produced through a mathematical formula artificially

The fractal is not just one of the word’s curiosities; it is nature’s onlybasic creating method. If nature creates growth it will have necessarily a fractal structure. This unique building method of nature is well demonstrated by the structures of the brain, a cauliflower and a kernel of a hazel nut as well as the form of a tree or our vascular system.

a) Vascular system b) Tree c) Coral
These are in space openly free developing fractals
d) Cauliflower e) Brain f) Kernel of a walnut
These are fractals, which try to fill out most of a restricted space.
Their similarity is obvious.

If we examine any of nature’s fractal growths, then it becomes obvious that all of them have started as a seed, which contains the core of this growth. In other words: every natural, all-directionally grown structure has a starting kernel containing the essence of growth (life). In their reproduction, all living features inherit just the basic method of building.


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