The caracterisitics of the basic roots - Proto-Nostratic Language

The characteristics of the basic roots

Let us first summarize all what we have learned as far as here about the basic roots.

a) The basic roots have the possible most universal contents (meaning). We can say that the sense, meaning of every basic root is valid for the whole Universe. It is easy to understand trough the presented examples for the root MÁL. If it didn’t have the most universal meaning, then we couldn’t define the most far away meanings with it. From the many previously presented examples see again: molnár, moly, málna, méla, meleg, méz, and moszat. Their meanings stand possibly most far from each other’s: (miller, moth, raspberry, simpleton, warm, honey, alga). But every word is built on the basic root MÁL. Or see the root HAR-HOR: harang, haramia, három, Hargita, harcsa, harsona, harmat, harag and (H)ararát (bell, brigand, three, mountain Hargita, catfish, trumpet, dew, anger, mountain (H)arrarát with double har for double-peak). Every word is built on root HAR.

b)The meaning of every basic-root differs radically from that of the others. Think about! This difference is necessary; otherwise the roots would be meaningless. More precisely:

If the meaning, sense of every basic root wouldn’t differ radically from the others, there won’t be a root-system. It couldn’t be.

However, there is one. See in Chapter VI-2 “A clear proof: the dictionary”.

c) The group of the basic roots is complete, necessarily whole; therefore, everything in the Universe can be named with these basic roots. This is easy to accept. Will be discovered that we can’t name something with any of our basic roots, then would necessarily a new root worm oneself into that empty recognized gap (place). It is understandable, nothing unusual that our basic roots cover the whole Universe – namely, our total sphere of thought. In fact, it is required to be the case. It won’t be possible, if the roots could just defectively cover the world known to us.

Moreover, the roots – well visibly – are used almost equally in our vocabulary therefore, as jet was not necessary to introduce a new root. Why not? It is in the nature of the root-system. This will be better understood after we defined the concept of root system.

It follows from point ‘a’ and ‘b’ that the roots separate parts out of Universe, which have no connection with each other. This statement has a very deep spiritual attraction. We will try to explain it with help of illustrative graphics.

First, we neutralize the uncertainty due to not knowing the exact number of the basic roots. We write instead of a number the letter ‘n’. With this we receive a result remaining valid with every number.

Now, look at the sum of the roots as a circle with an endless size diameter. We reduced this circle in size to fit into this book and may look as a birthday-cake.

Let’s cut up the cake in ‘n’ slices (could be any number) and we see what we said under the points ‘a’ and ‘b’ about the roots and their system:

a) The basic roots have the most general and most abstract sense (meaning).

b) The basic root’s semantic contents are totally independent from each other’s.

c) The sum total of the basic roots; the roots all together cover the whole of the Universe.

We see this cake (“root-cake”) on the next page.

The basic roots constitute together the whole – the root-system is complete.

The basic roots constitute together the whole – the root-system is complete.

This most simple model renders perceptible the essence, but as every simple model, it is a very skinny frame. It won’t tell more as we put in there, it is an abstract snapshot. We find this cake-model for to tight as well, thinking about that our language, the speech: is a living being and not something created for ever into a permanently final form.


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