The root-system's deepest secret - Proto-Nostratic Language

The root-system’s deepest secret

Do we look back to the essence, to the last model, to our color-model, we are able to support quite strongly our arguments.

Let’s think it over again: the essence of the fourfold split ‘light-world’ is that those colors are in advance parts of the whole, therefore these parts are generally valid at any point of the World. The whole was built on this.

Based on this principle however, even the Universe itself can be split differently into it’s parts (it’s colors).

For example, by it’s in general valid change-manifestations.

See the picture on the right:

You can see that by using this kind of splitting in to parts we built a new axiom-system. Euclid’s known axiom-system split the Universe of lines in parts with his prism for this. Our prism splits the Universe according to the change’s characters.

The roots

a) The meaning of the roots is the most possibly general

b) The meaning of every root is basically different from that of the others

c) The wholeness (heap) of all roots is necessarily whole.

They can only work together when their roots were built as an axiom-system.


We mark with different sounds the from each others basically different changes.

We therefore, could find (solve) the secret of the roots without knowing their exact number. I will show you one more illustrative graphic to see it’s essence very clear. To compare the colour-scale and the ‘root-scale’ (the root-system) will us further explain, why can the number of roots be free of choice. By increasing or lessening the number of folding in a fan we merely influence the particularisation. Look at the following picture of a Neanderthal-girl. The number of quadrates decides about the number of roots we are using to look at the one picture – one world. We can choose freely about the number of roots.

A the next page we will as well understand, why the roots represent pictures?

a) The above, closed fan is the collection of every possible color. There is no color world jet in the closed condition.

b) The lower closed fan is the collection of visible change of Universe. In it’s closed form, there is no World jet.

c) By opening the above fan the white light opens. The colors become visible. The Universe became colourful.

d) By opening the lower fan, the components of changes in the World become separated, visible, and nameable. We named the pictures of changes. Their names we call roots. A language built from these roots can’t, be anything else as a pictures language.


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