Numbers - Proto-Nostratic Language


The Hungarian language is interwoven with numbers

Dealing with numbers, using them and writing on a daily basis since archaic times is reflected in the Hungarian language.

SZÁM = number

SZÁMukra (for their number = for those people) meant a lot being taken into account (we just can’t tell it differently):

          SZÁM|bavették. (took him into account)
          SZÁM|omra: for my number (for me)
          SZÁM|ba vesznek <saambavεsnεk> (they consider me)
          SZÁM|bavétel (taking into account)
          SZÁM|OT kapok (I will get a number), after this they
          SZÁM|olnak velem (they count on me) and I may become a
          SZÁM|ottevő <saamottεvoe> (considerable) person.
          SZÁM|ítok (I count) they take me seriously.
If I did something wrong, then I may become a
          SZÁM|űzött <saamuezoett> (a person with lost number, banished),
          SZÁMkivetett <saamkivεtεtt> (my number being discarded), therefore, I won’t count anymore:
Nem SZÁM|ítok. Somebody will be called
          SZÁM|beli, if he belongs to the society of people with a number)

We just can’t say it differently

Our word Szem (eye) is in reality the fi gurative variety of the word identical entities:

         SZÁM|ol = SZEM|el <saamol = sεmεl> (calculate – select)
         SZÁM|lál = SZEM|lél <saamlaal = sεmlel> (count – view)
         SZÁM|oz = SZEM|ez (paginate – inoculate or ogle) Saying
         SZEM|es <sεmεsh>, we may think of a cute person or a grainy forage.
If somebody
         SZEM|ez <sεmεz>, he/she may look at something interesting or take out cherry-stones.
One   SZEM of grape = one SZÁM (piece) of grape.

The idea of One is standing behind this equality.

SZÁM = SZEM = 1 = MAG. This equality is expressed in the sign below

The SZEM|es takarmány (grainy forage) is stored in the MAG|tár <magtaar> (granary). I am EGY (one) SZEM (eye, number) MAG|am (myself) EGY|edül <εdjεduel> (lonely), like EGY SZEM MAG (one piece of grain) in my hand. Further more, all these are adjectives of God as well. In our philosophy exists only EGY (one) SZÁM (number): the ONE and all other numbers are only the fragments or multiples of EGY (one).

God is therefore MAGa (self) the ONE.

For the Sumerians the light and life-spending God was living behind the sun (it wasn’t the sun) and they called him SZEM|es <sεmεsh> (the being with an eye). The sign of SZEM|es was the circle with a dot. This sign has been in use 6-7 thousand years ago in the Carpathian Basin with other “pre-Sumerian signs”, found in the excavations by Zsófia Torma at Tordos, Vincsa, Tatárlaka (Transyvania/ then Hungary – now Romania). Later on it became a triangle with a human eye in it.

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