Summary in a nutshell - Proto-Nostratic Language

Summary in a nutshell

It became evident; from this book that the genesis of the proto-language-Hungarian language can be placed in to the far Stone Age.

These all, naturally tell nothing about the where and particularly when it had been invented. The archaeological and genetic traces start appearing before 45-43 thousand years ago. I proved this ‘time’ as well in my book “Signs Letters Alphabets” written about writing. I mention as horizon – putting the word “at least” before it – because, working along the writing and number-writing, I couldn’t find older as writing acceptable signs. There are few finds 77.000 and even 200.000 years old, but their unbroken continuity is missing contrary to the finds from 44.000 years before. There is however, other kind of proofs:

Kiss Dénes writes in his book “After Babel”:

But let’s think about the investigations of Varga Csaba; he speaks about 30.000 years’ old numbers and about a language from the Stone Age. According to our knowledge, this means a much larger time-distance. Approximately as far, from which time the voice cords were as good as ours today are.”

Kiss Dénes proved in his books that the basic sounds in Hungarian language are that much embedded, that its origin could reach back even into the beginnings.

Let’s quote Barrabási László, He writes in his book: “Where are you Széklers?”:

The archaeologists V. Gordon Childe and John Gowlett investigating the ancient Stone Age, found that the stone-‘hatchets’ (callipers) they found in Acheul, Kenya (700.000 and 1.000.000 years old examples) and all other found around the world, if compared with each others, they were made by the same parameters, independent of their size.

These tools, even of different size, but identical in their relation, were made by the same sample. This was the in practise 1.000.000 years ago realized thesis of Euclides 500 year later. These scientists excluded the possibility that humans 1.000.000 years ago created their connection-system around the world merely by telepathy. He says, a language was necessary as well. Which language? Let read the book: ‘The living language of the Stone Age’ by Varga Csaba.”

I know, it is not easy to digest all these in that short time. Because we were not educated this way, especially not during the last 150 years. See chapter 12.

We could see that our language is really a beautiful whole system. It had time to grow and develop as a fractal, the only possible organic method in nature.

Our language and vocabulary is the most authentic living keepsake, an archaeological find.

We think and speak by floating in the ocean of infinite time every day and minute.


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